LIMITED EDITION Large Tote - Pebbled Taupe

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LIMITED EDITION Large Tote - Pebbled Taupe

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This Limited Edition taupe leather tote is made of gorgeous pebbled leather and has plenty of room for all your every day essentials.  Featuring a a 6.5" x 8" front pocket and soft, chocolate brown leather handles!

• timeless, minimal design / perfect year round
• made of drapey yet durable leather
• long-wearing, sturdy construction
• roomy exterior slip pocket
• hand cut & finished soft chocolate brown leather handles


16.5" wide at the top,

14" wide at the bottom

5.5" deep

14" tall

strap drop: 11"

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All items are made by hand by Vanessa Vaught in the best little workshop in Houston, Texas.  Each morning, once Vanessa (properly caffeinated, of course) and the shop pup, Sadie, arrive to the workshop, the day begins.  The previous days orders are assessed and either packed and shipped (if previously made) or placed into the production cue.  The leathers are selected and the patterns pulled, giving great attention to the placement of each pattern on the hide.  Since each hide is a natural material, there is sometimes natural scarring, scratches and branding, all of which may be included, adding to the rustic aesthetic of these gorgeous leathers.  The patterns are then lovingly hand cut and punched.  Once all components of the bag have been cut, the bag is taken over to our industrial sewing machine and, with every attention to detail, sewn together, on at a time.  

The straps, (which take the longest to make of any part of the bag!) are made as well.  The strap making process involves many steps, including pulling the straps from a side of thick, gorgeous harness leather, then cutting and punching to the proper length for your bag.  To ensure a smooth hand (the way the straps feel when you hold them), we then round the edges of each strap, burnish these edges, and then seal the edges.  All of this fuss leaves your straps with a finish ready for a lifetime of use.

Now comes the fun part, the birth of your new bag!  The bag and the straps join in permanent union with the aid of sturdy brass rivets, pressed into place with our house press.  The bag is turned and the leather is then hammered into placed where needed, ensuring the bag takes on the proper shape.  To be honest, every time this process is completed, the result is sheer awe.  It’s truly something to take natural, raw materials and develop them into a gorgeous, usable piece of art, which will only become more beautiful as the years go on.  We invite you to use and abuse our bags, take them on your journeys, carry them everyday, and then pass them on to your children.

Hatton Henry is born form a legacy of hardworking leather crafters, producing hardwearing goods.  

We strive to live up to this legacy.

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Please allow up to 14 days for your bag to be sewn and shipped!  A shipping confirmation with tracking number will be provided at the time you package is prepared for shipment.

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Our shop is the namesake of two true American entrepreneurs, George Hatton Vaught and George Henry Vaught (our Grandpa). Better known to the saddle making world as G.H. Vaught & Son, they produced saddles, harnesses, men's belts, and more out of their Rockwall, Texas based leather workshop for over 100 years. 
Following in the footsteps of these great men, we strive to create items that live up to this legacy. Hatton Henry is dedicated to them. ♡

All items made by hand with love in our Houston, Texas studio. Due to the nature of our production method and materials, each product may vary slightly making it one of a kind.

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